Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence to obtain a foundational understanding of a neural network and then applies that understanding to generate highly compact versions of that model.

Dramatically Enhance Productivity

Deep learning development requires considerable guesswork at present: the reference model one begins with, how that model performs with certain training sets, holes and imbalances in the data, etc.

Our platform allows developers to collaborate with state-of-the art AI to eliminate such guesswork. Instead of tuning a model for weeks or months, our platform generates optimized models based on user defined requirements in days. A developer then collaborates with our platform to choose the right network for the task at hand, and can further generate additional networks based on more detailed requirements.

The result is the dramatic acceleration of deep learning development.

What is explainability?

Explainable AI

What’s more, our unique method of optimization enables ‘explainable’ deep learning – the ability to understand why a network makes the decision it does.

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The Generative Synthesis Platform

Our technology, the product of years of award winning scholarship, generates new networks that are not only significantly smaller, but infers faster without sacrificing functional accuracy.

Optimized Network

In addition to our platform, we provide numerous networks that have been highly optimized for common tasks, and which can be further optimized based on custom training data.