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We live at the very precipice of deep learning innovation and are in need of ambitious developers, academics and professionals to collaborate with us. This is where you (hopefully) come in…


DarwinAI is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence startup based in Waterloo, Ontario. Our technology, stemming from years of scholarship by our academic team from University of Waterloo, uses ‘AI to build AI’ in order to: 1.) dramatically reduce the size of deep learning neural networks while maintaining functional accuracy and reducing inference time; 2.) facilitate ‘explainable’ deep learning: the ability to understand why a network makes the decisions it does. A succinct explanation of our technology and go-to-market strategy can be found here during our recent appearance at the NVidia Inception awards.


We recently secured 3M (USD) in funding from Bay Area and Canadian investors to commercialize our technology. This includes productizing our IP around optimization and explainability in a robust and compelling manner. Specifically, to develop a suite of powerful deep learning tools that enable and accelerate AI for numerous operational scenarios. This is where you come in…


In addition to working with state-of-the-art technology in a burgeoning field, we offer competitive compensation along with equity options, as we want committed employees with a vested interest in the company. Beyond a full benefits package including extended health care, dental, vision and life insurance, we offer a personal conference budget that you are free to use for professional development activities. Thank you to all who apply; we’ll only contacting applicants moving on to the next stage of the process. If you don’t hear from us, please check back for any future opportunities!

Full-Stack Developer


Our technical team, which contains an impressive blend of academic and enterprise talent, is in need of talented developers to help design and release our platform. You will be a key resource in helping us implement the User Interface and Visualization elements of our optiimization and explainability platforms, and have expertise with some or all of the following technologies: JavaScript, CSS/HTML, Angular, JSON, ReactJS, Redux and Node.js. Skillsets aside, you are an exceptional and conscientious Full-Stack developer with a talent for creating compelling and seamless User Interfaces that befit our cutting-edge technology. Note that experience with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is not required. In fact, this is your chance to familiarize yourself with these technologies by working at the cutting edge with research team that’s won numerous awards in the field (including best workshop paper at the prestigious NIPS conference in 2016 and 2017). It’s an opportunity to work not only with AI, but with ‘AI that builds AI’ – a radical, inventive concept that will usher in the next wave of deep learning tools.


Our ideal candidate possesses:


  • Min 3 years of web development experience.
  • Min 2 years of exp with Angular, NodeJS and Typescript.
  • Must have worked with reactive development.

  • SQL
  • Data Visualization frameworks like D3, C3 etc
  • Basic knowledge of AWS
  • Agile development methodology.

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