Bringing the future to AI development and design

Our patented 'AI building AI' technology reduces the complexity and guesswork in designing efficient and high-performance deep learning solutions for real world applications.

World Class Performance

Computational Cost (lower is better)

Energy Efficiency (higher is better)

Working with Deep Neural Networks

The tremendous complexity of deep neural networks makes them difficult to build, run and explain.

Our Approach: Generative Synthesis

To combat this complexity, we use AI itself to understand how a neural network works.

The Result

We then generate numerous unique networks that are smaller, faster, maintain functional fidelity, and provide explanations on network predictions.

How We Can Help


The Generative Synthesis platform

The Generative Synthesis platform allows your team to quickly address performance concerns by facilitating AI-collaborative design and automated optimization.

Pre-optimized models

We also offer numerous models that have been highly optimized for common tasks (classification, detection, segmentation), and which can be further optimized based on your training data.